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Dr. Jennifer Smith

Dr. Jennifer Smith | Building The Team & Culture Of Your Dreams: 7 Practical Steps To A Top-Notch Team and Happy Workplace

You can't do it alone - it takes your team, you'll also learn how to elevate your employees from okay to good, from good to great, and from great to extraordinary.

Dr. Jennifer Smith lives and practices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Alberta (D.D.S.) and the University of Michigan (Master’s). She is married to an OMFS, has 3 children and 2 dogs and loves to travel the world. Jen is often described as non-stop. She has a passion for learning, growing and teaching and is always over-the-top excited about
something. She hasn’t had a bad day at work in over 10 years. Jen loves practice ownership and is passionate about teaching other women how to build the practice of their dreams.

Dr. Padma Mukherjee

Dr. Padma Mukhurjee | The Dos’ and Don’ts for Surgical Orthodontics with Aligners

Orthodontics combined with Orthognathic surgery can help achieve dramatic dental and facial changes in patients with severe dentofacial deformities. There is an increased demand from patients today that insist on using aligners with surgical plans. As clinicians we therefore need to adapt and learn how to successfully treat such cases.

Dr. Padma Mukherjee received her dental degree from the University of Pune, India in 2001. After a year of General Practice residency, she travelled across the globe to receive her DMD from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and her Certificate in Orthodontics and a Ph.D. in Craniofacial Biology from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Mukherjee is a Board-Certified Orthodontist and an examiner for the American Board of Orthodontics. She serves as the Chair of Government Affairs Committee for the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontics and is in the Council of Orthodontic Education for the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Mukherjee is currently a Professor and Director Pre-doctoral Orthodontics Rutgers in the Department of Orthodontics where is teaches both pre-doctoral and post-graduate orthodontic and pediatric dentistry residents. She has been practicing for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in complex surgical cases. Dr. Mukherjee has been an invited speaker nationally and internationally and is an author of several publications and book chapters. On the personal front, Dr. Mukherjee is married to Mayukh for over 20 years and both are proud parents of two boys. Dr. Mukherjee believes in giving back and is very active in her community where she volunteers in her children’s schools and at the Neonatal unit of Saint Barnabas Hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with her friends, and gardening.

Dr. Danielle Fry

Dr. Danielle Fry | Integration of Myofunctional Therapy in Your Orthodontic Practice for Maximum Success

Many providers struggle to know when to refer to myofunctional therapy first or do orthodontics first. Each patient needs an individual plan since they have individual concerns. The goal of this session will be to demystify the order to use myofunctional therapy and why, so it can be a successful part of your practice to aid in improving your orthodontic outcomes and retention.

Dr. Danielle Fry is a board-certified orthodontist and holds a certificate in Orofacial Pain. She practiced general dentistry as a Captain in the United States Air Force for 5 years prior to becoming an orthodontist. Her passion is sleep, wellness and being a positive solution in healthcare. She has a small practice in Northern Michigan where she focuses on the integration of orthodontics, orofacial pain, sleep dentistry, myofunctional therapy and nutrition.

Dr. Colby Ann Cajero

Dr. Colby Ann Cajero | Choosing You: Prioritizing Health in a World That Doesn’t

We all have busy lives and it can be a struggle to prioritize our health when we have many other things on our plate. I want to talk about how we can incorporate fitness and nutrition into our busy lives in a meaningful and sustainable way.

I moved around a lot growing up but I consider DeQueen, Arkansas to be home. I knew that I
wanted to be an orthodontist when I was 13 years old.
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Justin. We are the proud parents of 5 dogs – Tosha,
Copper, Nena, Hailey and Miles. Justin and I love to travel, scuba dive and go fishing. We are always up for trying new foods and experiencing new cultures. To relax, I enjoy massages and binge-watching various TV shows.
I also enjoy fitness. In 2023, I competed in 2 body building competitions. I am also a breast cancer survivor.

Cortni Odom

Cortni Odom | How to Attain, Train and Retain Your Dream Team

Create your Dream Team through recruiting top talent, imploring training programs, and implementing retention strategies. This presentation covers the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, utilizing ongoing training and development to enhance team skills to maximize organizational objectives.

Cortnie has been a dedicated member of the Lang Orthodontics team for more than a decade, currently serving as the office lead. She has excelled in every facet of her role, demonstrating proficiency in patient interactions and management. Cortnie's can-do spirit not only empowers her but also inspires others to believe in themselves. Through her positive influence, she emphasizes the profound impact of a smile, showcasing how it can be the simplest yet most powerful gesture. Cortnie was born and raised in Benton, LA.

Eric Lang

Eric Lang | How to Attain, Train and Retain Your Dream Team

Create your Dream Team through recruiting top talent, imploring training programs, and implementing retention strategies. This presentation covers the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, utilizing ongoing training and development to enhance team skills to maximize organizational objectives.

Originally, from New York, Eric Lang ironically grew up believing kindness matters, which led him to complete an internship at Walt Disney World. Taking the world-class service lessons he learned from his time at Walt Disney World, Eric paired those with his six degrees in business, education, and medicine to create a career pathway in training the medical community.
Eric joined his wife as the office manager of Lang Orthodontics ten years ago. Since joining the team, the office has doubled in size and has added state of the art technologies. Their team enjoys a family-focused setting where a working mother’s schedule is prioritized, and they all enjoy low turnover. His passion remains in sales and personnel training.

Dr. Chrissy DeMarti

Dr. Chrissy DeMarti | Navigating Family and Career

A personal journey navigating the challenges of balancing career growth and family life, including the complexities of motherhood, private practice, and confronting issues like childcare, fertility, and work-life balance.

Dr. Chrissy DeMarti is the mother to three girls, and the owner and orthodontist at her startup practice CD Orthodontics. While practicing orthodontics has always been her dream, she’s found the healthy balance of practice ownership and motherhood to bring her true joy.

Originally from Michigan, Dr Chrissy obtained her bachelor’s degree at The University of Michigan (go blue). She completed dental school at Boston University and her orthodontic residency at The University of Colorado. After working in a corporate office for a few years in Colorado and having her first daughter, she moved home to be near family. While working for another corporate office, she realized to live her best life, she needed to create her own practice where she could thrive. In the beginning stages of planning she welcomed her second daughter and 10 months after opening she found herself pregnant again. She also navigated the newborn stage and buildout stage over the pandemic shutdown. In her free time, she loves to be with her girls and husband, do CrossFit, take long walks listening to podcasts, watch How I met your mother on repeat, and anything that is always the same!

Nicole McFarlane

Nicole McFarlane | Change Your View, Change Your Results: The Power of Shifting Perspectives

Just like orthodontics can transform a person's smile and overall oral health by shifting the alignment of their teeth, we can also improve our own outcomes by simply changing our mindset and beliefs. This presentation will cover how we can get out of our own way and change our perspectives to improve our day to day in both the office and life in general.

Nicole McFarlane is the Office Manager of Dunn Orthodontics and a mother of two young boys. Nicole joined the Dunn Orthodontics team in October 2014 as a Scheduling Coordinator and quickly demonstrated her leadership and business acumen. By the summer of 2015, she had accepted the role as Office Manager. Nicole now manages a very busy two-doctor, four-location practice with 25+ employees. Dunn Orthodontics was listed among the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and the Phoenix Business Journal’s Largest Family-Owned Businesses.

In addition to her duties for Dunn Orthodontics, Nicole is an accomplished consultant and speaker. She is a frequent contributor at Dunn Education events such as the Office Manager Workshop.

Dr. Peter Catalano

Dr. Peter Catalano | Surgical Correction of Nasal Obstruction for Sleep Disordered Breathing

Learn how to assess nasal obstruction in adults and children with SDB, including the proper physiology of nasal breathing, most common nasal conditions adversely affecting it, and the best means to diagnose the problem.

Peter Catalano, MD, FACS, FARS graduated from Columbia University School of Engineering, followed by an MD from The Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine (NYC). Completed Residency at MSH and became a full-time faculty member (1990-1999) as an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, and Maxillofacial Surgery. From 2000-2010 he was Chair of Otolaryngology at the Lahey Clinic, followed by Chair of Surgery at Steward Health Care (2010-2012) then Chief of Otolaryngology and Rhinology Fellowship Director at SEMC and Professor of Otolaryngology at Tufts University from 2010-2023. Academically active with over 340 invited lectures, 25 book chapters, and 95+ peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Matthew Dunn

Dr. Matthew Dunn | From Braces to Boarding Passes: Navigating Credit Card Points and Travel Perks

Gain valuable knowledge on the art of leveraging credit card rewards to fund your travel adventures, all while managing a successful orthodontic practice. Learn how to transform your regular personal and business expenses into rewarding travel experiences.

Dr. Matthew Dunn is a board-certified orthodontist with 4 offices in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Dr. Dunn attended the University of Michigan for his Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master of Science in Orthodontics. He is the recipient of both the Thomas M. Graber Award of Special Merit and the Charley Shultz Resident Scholar Award from the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Dunn is Past-President of the Arizona State Orthodontic Association and currently serves on the AAO’s Council on Communications. Dr. Dunn’s practice, Dunn Orthodontics, was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and the Phoenix Business Journal’s list of the Largest Family-Owned Businesses in the Phoenix area.

Dr. Lisa Davison

Dr. Lisa Davison

Dr. Lisa Davison, a board-certified orthodontist, is passionate about continuing to learn the latest advances in orthodontics and dentistry. In addition to regularly attending continuing education courses focused on orthodontics she is also a member of Seattle and Spear Study Clubs, an interdisciplinary group of dentists. Participating in study clubs with other dental professionals allows Dr. Davison to keep up with newest trends and techniques in all facets of dentistry. She loves working together as a team with other dentists and specialists to provide her patients with the best possible care and results.

Dr. Kyle Fagala

Dr. Kyle Fagala

Dr. Kyle Fagala is a trusted authority and highly sought-after speaker in Orthodontics. As the owner of Saddle Creek Orthodontics and co-founder of the digital marketing agency Neon Canvas, Dr. Kyle delivers exceptional patient care and offers invaluable strategies for practice growth.

Dr. Kyle shares his insights as host of "The Digital Orthodontist: Live!" podcast, providing a platform for thought leaders and industry experts to discuss emerging trends and best practices. He has also authored two children's books “All The Best Faces Wear Braces" and "There's Nothing Finer Than Aligners," which serve as educational resources for young patients and their families. Dr. Kyle graduated from UT Memphis in 2013 with a certificate in orthodontics and a master's degree in Dental Science for his thesis on three-dimensional imaging of the airway. Dr. Kyle is the course director and lecturer of Development of the Occlusion, a class for first-year dental students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and a Key Opinion Leader for 3M Oral Care.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Kyle embraces a well-rounded life. He indulges in his many passions for music (particularly the drums), cooking, travel, photography, trivia, and Memphis Grizzlies basketball, bringing a diverse perspective to his work and personal endeavors. Dr. Kyle resides in Germantown alongside his wife Anna, their four children—Charlie, Libby, George, and Lucy—and their Aussiedoodle, Sammie. Actively engaged in their community, they are proud members of the Highland Church of Christ.

Harrison Bagdan

Harrison Bagdan

Harrison Bagdan is the Senior Practice Advisor at HIP Creative and has become the big personality he is today from his experiences.

Harrison went to college on a lacrosse scholarship and studied Kinesiology--the study of the movement of the human body--and Athletic Training. During his sophomore year when he was 19 years old, he left college to pursue a business in the sales and marketing industry where he truly gained his knowledge and education. After leaving school, he read more books than in his entire high school and college career combined.

After becoming independent before the age of 21, it was then that he realized the value of personal development; continuous education; and constant, never-ending improvement. He regularly continues to read books and attend seminars to improve himself. A quote that he lives his life by is, "In order to help people up, you must first be on higher ground."
Now, at the ripe age of 29, Harrison has personally trained and coached thousands of people on sales and marketing to help them 3x-5x their businesses. His personal passion today is to help people to realize that they are better than they think they are.

Dr. Courtney Dunn

Dr. Courtney Dunn

Dr. Courtney Dunn is a practicing orthodontist, wife, mother of three, the Founder of Women in Orthodontics® and the Co-Founder of Dunn Orthodontics, a multi-location orthodontic practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Described as smart, ambitious, opinionated and a force of nature, Courtney has won the Milo Hellman Award, served as President of the Arizona State Orthodontic Association and been interviewed by such diverse media sources as National Public Radio (NPR) and Fox News Channel. Dunn Orthodontics was recently named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and the Phoenix Business Journal’s list of the Largest Family-Owned Businesses in the Phoenix area.

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